SUPER MASTER DEVELOPING CO., LTD.SUPER MASTER, a leading hand-tool specialist, always tries to develop innovative products

Users could use Rubber Holders with Sand Discs or Surface Conditioning Discs (snap-on/screw-on/roll-on discs) 
to grind the horizontal surface; yet, for the perpendicular surface,  more than ten types of 
Sanding Drums could be 
used.    In addition,
 Super Pads (3, 5, & 6 inches; 7 & 15 holes; w/ & w/o inner channels) are fabricated to combine 
with orbital sanders to increase the effect of absorbing dusts.

Now, we are keeping developing new accessories to provide more functions and higher efficiency.

Furthermore, we provide a serial of air tools to incorporate with our accessories to supply higher quality products. 
One of the key points is to keep the 
BALANCE of accessories, especially super pads,  while users are operating air 
tools. Otherwise, users’ hands will feel numbness by the vibration of air tools.

Also air tools are easily out of order.  Thus, a serial of air tools are supplied to combine with our accessories.
And, our basic types of air tools are briefly described as the following:

1. Light weight air random orbital sanders (6, 5, & 3 inches) (non-vacuum, self- vacuum, & central-vacuum).
Air small tools: finger sander, diamond sander (small orbital sander), air small angle sander, and air small 
angle sander.
Air mini tools: mini orbital sander, mini sander, and detail sander.
Air polishers
Air wet /dry sanders (side front exhaust/ rear exhaust).

air staplers/nailers, we provide light weight stapler / nailer & heavy duty air stapler / nailer. Also, staples and 
nails are provided.

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